Wednesday, August 31, 2005

tomorrow is Baguio Day! that means, no work! yipee! and the day after tomorrow is yet another non-working holiday here in Baguio City. wow! that gives me enough time to work on my dissertation. i hope to finish my presentation and analysis of findings before monday so i could have it checked by my adviser. i hope my adviser won't give me a hard time this time. if i'd be lucky, i'll be having my pre-defense very soon. hopefully, i'd have my final defense on the first week of october and... God-willing, graduate this october!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

let me share with you a conversation (SMS) i have had with a friend... perhaps you could help me help her...
friend: sorry if i have not been able to text you for a very long time. it's just that i have been very busy with lots of things...
me: it's okay. it's been a while though. wazzup?
friend: the truth is, i am not THAT fine. i've been feeling so depressed lately and earlier, i thought i needed someone to talk to. i believe you're the best person i could share my problem to. i know you'd listen without judging me (i hope)
me: wow! what a way to say hello... just kidding... okay, so what's bugging you?
friend: there's this guy i believe i have fallen in love with but i am not sure if he really feels the same way as i do.
me: i know who this "guy" is?
friend: i don't think you know him. i met him through a common friend and that's how it all started. you know, hi--hello, we exchanged numbers, the usual.
me: ok, tell me the whole story
friend: after the first time we met, we did not really see each other again. but we texted each other. we would often send emails to each other. at times, we would even chat online. after a while, he began telling me that he loved me. then, he started courting me.
me: and then...
friend: then i can't exactly remember what i said pero i know kami na. then, he invited me out for dinner. so we met and went out for dinner. we did not talk that much. parang bigla kaming nagkahiyaan but i don't know why. pero ganon yung feeling. it was not the first date. whenever he comes to manila, we meet and go out.
me: ooopps!! i hope you just WENT OUT. nothing more than that. otherwise, i think i already know what your problem is.
friend: no! it's not what you think it is. okay,so we became exclusive... or so i thought.
me: uh-oh! third party? he's married?
friend: yeah, third party and MORE. no, he's not married
me: PATAY! okay, tell me about it
friend: i have this picture of us posted on my corkboard in my workstation. one time, the cousin of a friend visited her in the office. she brought us lunch and i offered that we eat in my workstation. while we were having lunch, she suddenly stood and moved closer to where my corkboard was and suddenly she exclaimed " kilala mo si kuya gio?".
me: ooopps... what happened next?
friend: she said "oo, boyfriend siya ng classmate ko! and before i could even answer, my friend said "baka kamukha lang" and the cousin said, "siya yan no, boyfriend siya ni may. sugar pa nga tawagan nila no! i knew then that i was blushing. i instantly had the urge to call him to ask him about it but something stopped me from doing so.
me: what happened next?
friend: that was the first instance that i knew about a third party. the second was when we went out for dinner. while having dinner, he excused himself and went to the comfort room. after a few seconds, his CP rang, it was inside his jacket's pocket. i reached for the phone and guess who was calling?
me: hmmm... you? hehehe! just kidding.
friend: the name flashing was HONEY KO. in short, may SUGAR na siya, may HONEY pa siya. to cut the long story short, i then knew that i was not the ONLY ONE. i asked him if he was serious with me and if i was the only one he was dating. and he said, oo naman. he even told me that he wouldn't go as far as manila to see me if he wasn't serious.
me: did you tell him that you knew about HONEY and SUGAR?
friend: nope! i did not know how.
me: ok, so what happened next?
friend: after that dinner, hindi na siya masyadong nagpapakita, bihira na rin tumawag. pero nagtetext siya. according to him, busy daw siya. what should i do?
me: i think that deep in your heart, you already know what to do. talk to him about your relationship and talk to him about HONEY and SUGAR. although i know he would deny them. but you know what? i believe that you know what to do.

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and then we have FRIGID ... others would call her ICE QUEEN. she doesn't know how to smile. when she laughs, it's obvious that she's faking it. when you look at her, you would think that she doesn't show any emotions... well, i believe that she doesn't have any. hehehe!
a lot of our co-teachers have been telling me that she has been trying so hard to be just like me. at first, i did not notice that but as time went by, i realized that she was in fact trying to imitate how i dress, i talk, teach and even some of my mannerisms. lately, i noticed that she eats what i eat and drinks what i drink. oh! for heaven's sake! i'm just glad she's married coz she might also look for someone like.... well, you know... oh well! imitation is the highest form of flattery!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

well, enough with those peepz who've been overdosed with vitamin I!

another pest in my list is atty. ebony. why atty.? coz she is a lawyer. why ebony? well, what's the color of ebony? LOLZ!

she must have been given some vitamin I by miss universe and chewbacca. she also has the tendency to brag. anyway, i've been working with her for more than 5 years now and i never saw her in anything fashionable. i hate to say this but she doesn't have the slightest sense for "good" fashion. she even had her nose done! yeah, she had a noselift. i don't have anything against vanity but i guess she did not do any justice to the job done on her.

she's bossy and all-knowing... hmp!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

just like chewbacca, miss universe (well... miss is not a miss but a mister... ahhh... not sure about that! lolz) is also fond of telling stories, most of which i don't believe in. he (or she?) finds joy in telling the world about the people he knows, how he is related to this and that famous personality, how rich his family is in his hometown blah! blah! blah! just like chewbacca, he's been to this and that country and that his former employer sent him to this and that place. he even tells everyone that he is a graduate of the University of the Philippines but could not really tell us which campus. one time he would tell us, UP Los Banos, then later, UP Diliman. in the roster of faculty members listed in the graduation programme we have every commencement exercises, he uses UP Baguio with a degree in Business Administration. FYI, UP Baguio does not offer Business Administration! there were even times when i would hear him telling his students that he studied at UST, DLSU and ADMU. duh??!!

okay, so why do we call him miss universe? coz he is fond of pageants! we often see him in front of the office's computer browsing sites about miss universe and similar pageants. he even knows more about beauty queens than most of the lady teachers do!

i strongly believe he is gay but he projects a personality that's different from what he truly is and so our other colleagues think that it's impossible for him to be a gay.


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Monday, August 15, 2005

as promised, i am sharing some experiences i have had in the faculty room..

i have this co-teacher named chewbacca... yeah, that creature from star wars (the name was given to her by one of the other teachers... i don't know why)

once she starts talking, she seems unstoppable. what irritates me is her habit of bragging about so many things like she is related to this and that person; that she's close to this and that personality; that she used to work for meryll lynch and that the company sent her to new york several times; that she's been to this and that country; that she is a member of this and that organization; that she is a BOD of this and that organization; that she used to lecture in prestigious schools like AIM, UA&P, ADMU, DLSU, etc. etc. etc. (i was once her peer coach and i could say that she can't live up to the level of those who are invited to lecture in those schools...)

there was even a time when she told me that she knew one of my cousins and she claimed that they were really close. in one instance however, she told me that my cousin should get married ASAP coz he wasn't getting any younger. i was really surprised coz if she really knew my cousin and that they were close, she should have known that he got married months before that. hahahaha!

everytime she talks, all i can say is...

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

whenever i am in the faculty room, i get to witness so many things... and i just watch and observe...

for my next entries, i will be sharing some of these "observations".

i'm just so glad that i am normal

or am i?

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Monday, August 08, 2005

I have lots of acquaintances, quite a number of good friends and few of those I could consider my close friends. In the kind of world I live in, I meet a lot of people and I get to build good relationships with most of them. However, there are times when I become reluctant to really be close to them because I hate the thought that one day, they are gonna leave me. Just the thought of it breaks my heart.

Most of my friends have left me. They are now in far away places, most of which would cost me thousands of dollars to reach. Not that they don't want me to be their friend anymore but because they HAD to go somewhere either to work, study or start a new life. Most of them never failed to keep in touch though and that is one thing I appreciate. But some just left and I have this feeling they don't know of my existence anymore.

Amiel, one of my former students who eventually became one of my closest friends have transferred to La Union to take a second degree. Though we keep in touch (not that much though), I still miss her being around. I miss a lot of things about her: those lunch breaks we would spend in the cafe, lazy weekends at her place, Friday and Saturday nights out, weekends at the beach, 1 hour breaks spent at the car park, the spaghetti she would cook just to lure me to her apartment (hehehe!), and so much more. My students would often think I am "mataray" or "masungit" and she is not any different from them. In fact, she hated me so much because I had to capture her cellphone. After that semester however, she approached me and said she wanted me to be her friend. And everything is history.

Mai, another former student, also ended up to be a good friend of mine. She's now back in Cagayan de Oro where she is from. She's a daughter of one prominent military figure but she's so humble and won't brag about it. Since Amiel and Mai are good friends, wherever Amiel and I would go, Mai would surely be there too. What I miss about this beautiful lass is her sense of fashion and smart ideas (she's one of the smartest students I have had).

Monet, whom I've met through the 2-way radio is one of my older friends. I would really want to call her "ate" but I know she'd kill me if I do. She's been in the United States for quite some time now and I really do miss her. She migrated there with her daughter Kelsey. I miss those barbecue parties we have had with some of our other friends. I also miss her boisterous laughter. She always had lots of jokes to share. Never a dull moment with Monet.

Lorraine, my best friend.. She's now in UK. Her brother is my batchmate and our families are known to each other. However, we only became close friends after I graduated from high school. We've been through so much... What I miss about her? Endless hours over the radio or telephone, endless hours in the cafe, acting like sleuths (together with monet), barbecue parties, bar hopping, destroying public properties (hahaha! I remember the red car), and so much more. She just got married and I am very happy for her.

Eric, my beloved kuya. He is now in Australia. I miss his jokes and I really miss his hugs. He loves calling me names and FYI, he's the only person who can call me names!

I really miss them.

I guess I'd consider it as my fate... But what matters is that they are all happy and that we'll be friends, no matter what.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Billions of fires can be set by the light of a single candle,
and its light is multiplied.
A billion people can be enlightened through one teacher,
and his teaching will increase.
-George M. Lamsa-
Earlier in the faculty room, one of my co-teachers mentioned about job opportunities in Vietnam. According to her, she learned that teachers in Vietnam are paid an amount equivalent to P30,000. Upon hearing this, another co-teacher of mine asked, "Who would go to Vietnam for just P30,000?" and then turned to me and asked me, "Would you go to Vietnam for that amount?" I simply said, "Why not?" He had that look of disgust. So I said, "I think it depends on what really motivates you. If your motivation is money, you would definitely NOT go. I am motivated by other things and so I don't see anything wrong in going to Vietnam to teach."

Since I started teaching, I noticed that majority of the people I work with teach because they "need the job". Unfortunately, their performance is greatly affected by such attitude. They "beg" for more than 24 units because that would mean more salary and when not given, they would throw tantrums for the rest of the semester. However, for those who are given, I noticed that they can't even be efficient in teaching 18 units. Gosh!

I feel sorry for the students who are short-changed just because their teachers can't deliver the goods efficiently and effectively. Imagine hearing the people you work with saying: "I wish it were Saturday" or "When's the next holiday?" or "I simply can't get my momentum" or "I'll just give them something to work on coz I feel lazy today" or "Are classes suspended?" Imagine them asking you: "Have they entered our salary (in our accounts)?" few days before the actual pay day.

I understand that they NEED the money to sustain their needs and wants. However, they should also consider their students who depend so much on them for learning.

I could get into any job I want. Perhaps, even into high-paying jobs. Maybe, a job that could give me twice or thrice the pay I am given by the University. Or maybe... even more.

But I teach simply because I enjoy what I am doing. I love looking at the curious faces of my students. I find joy in imparting knowledge to my students. I find happiness in learning from my students. I find it rewarding to see them walk up the stage to get their diploma. I find pride in learning that my former students are hired in big companies. For me, no amount would equal that!

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